Friday, October 14, 2005

Accelerate This

My daughter's 3rd grade class is using a piece of software called Accelerated Reader. As near as I can tell kids read books then come into the classroom and take a short quiz (measuring the lower levels of Bloom's taxonomy). It also looks as if they price two things. 1) The software itself, and then 2) the quizzes--which quickly become out of date. My daughter is reading newer books that the school doesn't have the money to purchase quizzes for. My favorite part of this, is that the software has a feature for teacher generated quizzes. I thought great, I'll help our teacher out because I'm sure that teachers (who as one of my colleagues often says, love to share) probably have a website that they post their own quizzes to. Well my first google hit referenced a cease and desist order for a teacher who tried to do just such a thing.

I say let's build our own. We're not talking about rocket science here. The next time I teach a web-database class this will be the final project.

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