Monday, April 07, 2008

"Riot" Police

Ok, so don't get me wrong, I like the French. I've only been to Paris and Avignon and I was just a kid in middle school, but it was a fun time (considering I was a typical middle school kid) and I think we as Americans often give them far too hard of a time. So it's with a great deal of reluctance that I point to this picture (you'll have to click on pic #9 yourself) in which I couldn't help but notice that the police who are set to protect the Olympic bus are wearing inline skates!

I'm all for bike cops, and I'm sure inline skates have their place in police work (on say a TV show involving swimsuits and Michael Hasselhoff). But if you're expecting to do crowd control, is it really a good idea to strap a few wheels to your feet? I'm no hand to hand expert but I think that might affect your game a bit.


robmba said...

Maybe they should invest in heelies so they can use the wheels if they need them but they're out of the way when needed.

Andrew Walker said...

That would be perfect for security guards in the mall, especially if they wanted to go under cover.