Saturday, August 02, 2008

My favorite facebook ad

I'm sure there will be others, but this one is my first love.  I don't really own a bikini but if my swimsuit had unwanted hair I would definitely want to have it removed (the bikini too).  Not only does it remove unwanted hair from swimwear, but it also removes it from your "etc . . . " which is just dang helpful.  Of course, ever since I first saw Buck Rogers I always wanted to own a personal laser, so the fact that it can remove hair from my etc is just a bonus.  


robmba said...

What about nose hair?

When it comes to lasers, though, I've got my eye on a few different models from Wicked Lasers.

Andrew Walker said...

I knew an administrator (not at USU) who had a pointer like these. He'd wait for people to be walking through the parking lot, which he could see from his office window, then shine the laser on the backup lights, which made it look like they just came on. Apparently people would jump quite a bit. I don't think the act is nearly as funny to me as the idea of an administrator doing it.